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Instagram Roundup: 9 EDC Accounts to Follow

Instagram is a great place for finding photos of things you’re interested in. Everyday carry is no different in this regard. There is a thriving EDC community on Instagram. It’s a great place to be inspired and here are a few accounts in no particular order that I suggest you follow.

@codys_carry: I really enjoy seeing what Cody comes up with for his posts. His photography is great and even though he varies his photos I can uually tell it’s his post before I ever see the username. He calls himself an aspiring photographer and maker of things. I’d say his skill has gone beyond that of aspiring. Check him out, you won’t be disappointed.

@uyh.edc: Amber and Tom own an Ugly Yellow House in West Seattle. They like to make things, in fact they really enjoy it. One of the variety of things they enjoy making are EDC pouches and wallets. I’ve only recently begun following their EDC instagram account but I really love their colorful pouches and will have one soon. They’re off to an awesome start and I look forward to seeing what they bring to the table next.

@royalty_edc: Amanda is the Queen of EDC. Her EDC is always colorful and she’s got an awesome collection of amazing gear. Sadly her original account got hacked so she’s starting over with this one, so give her your support. She has also started a community on Facebook EDC Royalty. It’s a great group, check it out as well if you’re on FB.

@aces.edc: Marvin is based in the Netherlands and on his instagram account you can find stunning photos of his gear and watches. His photos are warm, vintage feeling and his gear is always thoughtfully laid out. I love the vibe of his photos, I hope you do too.

@notoriousedc: Tom is a great guy and has probably the biggest edc account in my list. He’s the creator of the beer bomb and the hashtag #sakallday. If you are in the EDC community and haven’t seen his beer bomb in one of it’s many colors you might live under a rock. Even though I tend to want to promote smaller accounts, no IG EDC account list is complete without this one.

@dirtyhands.edc: As the name would insinuate, he uses his gear and gets dirty. If you enjoy seeing people use their gear, look no further than this account. No safe queens in his collection of great knives. From autos to chocolate covered strawberries, you’ll find him using his gear to the fullest.

@edc_and_me: If you want to improve as an EDC photographer, Niels instagram account is a must-follow. Most of his images include a second image of a behind the scenes of the photo shoot. He includes his gear, camera settings and commentary on what he’s doing to achieve his results. If you like top quality gear and photos this is the account for you to follow.

@raven_the_pirate: Sam is clearly a gear nut and he’s also a very skilled photographer. He posts every couple days and I love seeing his images come through my feed. His images are always very rich feeling with warm and inviting colors.

@farqui8: Lee has a classic collection of knives and gear. He has a knack for floating knives and his posts usually include something of natural beauty as well. I always enjoy swiping through his images to see what else he has captured for us. From flowers to lichen, insects, locks and everything in between.

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