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Ugly Yellow House Slim Wallet – Gear Review

Ugly Yellow House is another Instagram discovery for me. One day last year my buddy over at August Originals posted his new slim wallet on Instagram. I liked the look of it, size-wise and so I inquired where it was from? A short time later, I was browsing the EDC area of the Ugly Yellow House website. I’m always curious to read the About Us section which I did and learned that for me this is a local company. So I did what any reasonable person would do, I reached out to Tom the owner to see about getting my own slim wallet. I ended up with a Teal one for my first and then later an OD Green for my second, slightly larger version of the Ugly Yellow House slim wallet.

Technical Specifications

600D Polyester Oxford Cloth Exterior
200D Challenge Recycled Bag Cloth Interior
1″ Front Velcro Strip
#5 YKK Coil Zipper
Mil-Spec Nylon Corner Pull Tabs
Black 550 Paracord Accessory Loop
4.25″ x 3″ (standard size)

Impressions of the Ugly Yellow House Slim Wallet

When I was looking for a new wallet, I wanted something small but it also needed to hold 10+ cards. I actually started out with a leather wallet but it just didn’t quite work for what I carry and how I like to carry my cards and wallet. The first iteration of the Ugly Yellow House Slim Wallet that I received was the Teal/Light Blue 4.25″ x 3″. To me it was everything I wanted in a wallet. Slim, easily to pocket, easy to access what I need when I need it. After a month or so of use, I realized my perfect iteration of this wallet would actually be slightly larger in size. I have big hands and fingers and sometimes getting into the wallet and finding the right card was a little tough with twelve cards in there. Enter the OD Green/Red version which is closer to 4.5″ x 3.5″ and now I truly have the perfect wallet, thanks to Tom’s willingness to make me a slightly larger version! Now, I have a bit more room to access the cards and it’s much easier to fish out the one I want.

After coming to appreciate the usefulness of this wallet I then started noticing it’s details. One day while getting into the wallet I noticed the interior was really nice. It’s actually lined with a softer recycled material. The stitching on the inside of the wallet matches the exterior sections. It’s got reinforced stitching in some areas, the edges of the wallet have reinforcements on them. The quality and attention to detail on Ugly Yellow House products is, from what I’ve come across, incomparable. I always have to throw in one thing that nags at me and in the case of the slim wallet, it’s the zipper. The zipper doesn’t fully close and that’s the only thing I can find on here that isn’t perfect. What I’ve found is that many of the other designs on the market have this same issue. I do know of one company that has “solved” the issue but I’ve yet to purchase their wallet.


If you didn’t already figure it out, I’m a big fan of this wallet. I like the company look and feel. I’ve had a chance to have brief chats with the owner and I’ve received excellent customer service and goods from them. I highly recommend Ugly Yellow House EDC. I definitely see more of the slim wallets appearing in my carry in the near future! You should pick one up today!

What do you think of the review? Do you agree or disagree with anything in here? Let me know int he comments below, I love hearing what you think.

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